St. Martin's Church Bedford
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Every Sunday at 9:00 am we have the Mass in Portuguese.

Our main service is on Sunday at 10:30 am when we have a Sung Eucharist using Common Worship Order One. This a service of Holy Communion, using modern English, and all are welcome. Children can sit with their carers or join the other children in their activities. While we do not have a choir the congregation sing the hymns and other parts of the service. Servers assist the priest in leading the celebration.

On Tuesdays we have service at 12 noon, and following we have soup and tea. Every first Tuesday of month we have the St. Martin's Fellowship Lunch, come and enjoy our parishioners as we enjoy a wonderful hot lunch, hot or cold drinks, chat, laughter and​ fun.

The Wednesday service is simpler, said throughout and uses more traditional language. There are special service booklets for each service so that it is easy to follow. To help you pray at home we have provided links to various other sites on our Links page. Some are structured while others offer more freedom for your personal reflection. We are all different and find different forms of prayer helpful.

On Wednesday we also have a study to prepare the kids and adults to First Communion and Confirmation at 4:30 pm.

On Thursday evenings at  7:00 pm we have the rosary and at 7:30 pm we also have a mass with hymns to mark our link with the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Every Friday 12 Noon there is a Prayer Hour in Church.

Each month we have Evensong, on the third Sunday of the month. During British Summer Time this is at 6.30 pm while during the winter months it is at 4 pm As in the morning the singing is led by the congregation. On the First Sunday of the month we have a Benediction at 4 pm.

Regular Services

St. Martin’s currently attends these 12 Homecares in our Parish:

•Arden House;

•Lansglade House;

•Henrietta House;

•Oasis House;

•Dial House;

•Lillibet House;

•The Mallards

•Annandale House;

•The Willows;

•Manton Heights Care Centre I;

•Manton Heights Care Centre II;

•Darell Jeffreys House

Services in Homecares

Special services are held to mark other significant dates in the Church's year. These, and other religious and social events, can be found in the calendar of events.

St Martin's is also here to help you mark important stages in your own life. The most common (and happiest) are weddings and baptisms (commonly called christenings). England is divided up into parishes and these services should be celebrated in the parish where you live, or where you are a regular worshipper. Parish boundaries are not always where you would expect, though those of St Martin's are fairly clear. You can easily find out which parish you live in by typing your post code into the box at A Church Near You and clicking on the map that comes up. Should you want to celebrate a significant event at St Martin's, where we try to be with people to put them at their ease, then feel free to contact us.

Special Services