About Us

At St Martin's we try to offer the best of being catholic within the Church of England. All are warmly welcome and we use all the senses in our worship.

We hope that this website helps you understand a little of who we are - people trying to live out our faith in our part of Bedford as a parish church within the Church of England and under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Richborough.

Our Church Leaders
Justin Welby
Our Archbishop
Alan Smith
Our Diocesan Bishop
Richard Atkinson
Our Bishop Of Bedford
Norman Banks
Our Bishop Of Richborough
Fr Paul Norwood SSC
Our Parish Priest
Revd Canon Dave Middlebrook
Our Archdeacon Of Bedford
Peter Scott
Our Churchwarden & Treasurer
Susan Fensom
Our Lay Vice Chairman & Churchwarden
Jill McKenzie
Our Safeguarding Officer
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Our Ministry Team

Malcolm Fensom (Head Server)

Andrew Hayes

John Welch

George Thomas

Dorothy Goodhew 

Lucy Thomas

Our Parish Officials


John Welch

Mission Director

Malcolm Fensom

Nursing Home Pastoral

Andrew Hayes

Parochial Church Council - PCC Secretary

Sue Cowie


Malcolm Fensom

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Servers & Liturgy

Malcolm Fensom

School Pastoral

Sue Fensom

Social Projects

Andrew Hayes & Sue Fensom

Portuguese Congregation Representative

Marlene Silva


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For visits, sacraments, counselling and general enquiries, please contact us.




Our History

The Parish – 1889  (From the 1949 Diamond Jubilee Booklet)

On 4th December 1896, The Parish of St. Martin’s was created by an Order in Council, by Queen Victoria, at a court held at Windsor an is enclosed by an imaginary line which begins at the Union Street end of Warwick Avenue and continues along the middle of the road cutting across Shakespeare Road, continuing through Cowper Road, turning right at Chaucer Road and going forward to a point just below at “Anglers’ Rest” in Clapham Road. Running at right angle to the road this line continues across the fields to the top of Cemetery Hill at which point it turns right and comes down Foster Hill Road, takes a right turn just below Park Road East, turns left down Garfield Street, turns right again along Russel Street, and then makes an awkward cut through Canning Street an Chandos Street. The line then goes into Tavistock Street, where it takes a right turn and proceeds north, turning left into Union Street and so to Warwick Avenue.

The Parish – 2017

Following the closure of Holy Trinity Church in Bromham Road, certain adjustments were made in 1985 to several inner Bedford Parishes, under “Gentleman’s agreement” between the clergy. St. Martin’s parish lost the part to the south of Roff Avenue to St. Peter’s Parish, but gained a large area to the south of Warwick Avenue. All Warwick Avenue and Lansdowne Road, the northern side of Bromham Road between Union Street and the railway, and the whole of the Poets Corner area are now under pastoral care of St. Martin’s Church.

St. Martin's Church Bedford
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