A wedding is a time for celebration as two people publicly commit themselves to each other and become officially a couple. It is a time for families and friends to share the joy of the couple getting married, to meet new friends and to greet more familiar ones. When the wedding takes place in church then it is also a time to ask God's blessing on the relationship and the home that is being made. There is plenty of advice available on how to arrange the "perfect wedding" - some would say too much advice.

The starting point has to be what the couple themselves want as it is their day. The Church of England has produced a guide on getting married in church, including the legalities and what you should consider in making the myriad of decisions that you face. An important part of being able to enjoy the day is to have everything arranged beforehand so the couple and their guests can relax as the wedding day proceeds smoothly. There really is no substitute for proper preparation, making sure all the other people involved know what you want and everything has been agreed in advance.

St Martin's is well-suited to weddings, offering plenty of space to sit and move around, as well as being a beautiful space. We have relatively few weddings here so can generally offer great flexibility over timing to fit in with, for example, the availability of the reception venue. Each wedding is planned individually with the couple concerned. Help and advice, based on wide experience, is offered as we work together in planning this central aspect of the day.


Nothing in life is free, and weddings are no exception. If you have started planning your special day then you will already know that. The cost of the wedding itself is a lot less than other items we normally associate with a wedding. The charges go up each year, generally in line with inflation. Most of the cost is determined centrally as a contribution towards the cost of having the church and priest available for you. Other costs, such as for the organist and for arranging flowers, are determined locally. What you pay does depend on what you want on your special day.

What next?

If you want to get married at St Martin's the first thing to do is to check whether or not you can get married here. Church law specifies where you can get married. While this is being changed to allow greater choice that is not yet in force. The first step should be to contact us to discuss this and when you want to get married. Even if you don't live in the parish (and the boundaries are marked on the map showing where we are) then it should still be possible if you worship with us for six months. At St Martin's we are here to help you.