The voices of St. Martin's sing two hymns.

We chose from the New English Hymnal

478: Ye watchers and ye holy ones
Jon Hupton and J. M. Neale

351: Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem
Athelstan Riley.


Church Tour

A tour of st Martin's church.


Gods Love

Father Valmor Pimenta (Or Padre Valmor Pimenta in his native Portugese) of St. Martin's Church in Bedford has been thinking about the recent comments of Pope Francis. Has the church spent too much effort on judging others for their sexuality, lifestyle choices, whether they are cohabiting or married? Should we be focussing more on telling people about God's love for them?

Music: 18th C melody arranged by Sophie Viney. Copyright Sophie Viney, used with permission

Easter Message from Bishop Norman Banks of Richborough

The Right Reverent Norman Banks is the Bishop of the Suffragan See of Richborough. He is our "flying bishop" as a parish in the more traditional side of the Church of England. During our recent vacancy we greatly valued his wisdom and experience in finding our new priest, Fr Valmor. We also were glad to have him minister to us on Christmas day 2014, and in confirming our newest members around Easter 2015. It was a lovely surprise when Fr Valmor played us this video during the service on Easter Sunday, which they had recorded during a recent visit to Walsingham.


Lent Message

Fr Valmor explains what St Martin's Church is focussing on during Lent.

Music - love from Bensound

An introduction to St Martin's by Fr Valmor

Fr Valmor gives a one minute introduction to himself and St Martin's Church.

Music - The Rain Song (Pure piano version) from Zero project